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Brian Copeland: Not a Genuine Black Man THE BOOK: "NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN"

The memoir that started it all, "Not a Genuine Black Man" – "Or, How I Claimed My Piece of Ground in the Lily-White Suburbs" is available at in hardcover or paperback.



You may also purchase a copy by calling at:
(800) 999-7901 or (415) 927-0960.

The book reveals a little-known chapter of Bay Area history. In 1971, San Leandro California was named one of the most racist suburbs in America. Congressional hearings were held. The next year, the then eight-year-old Brian and his African-American family moved to San Leandro. In a monologue that's both funny and poignant, Brian explores how our surroundings make us who we are.

Publisher's Weekly, People, Ebony, and The Boston Globe rave about the book. Read reviews on the E-press Kit page.

Brian's memoir was also honored as an official selection for Silicon Valley Reads.

Teachers: Visit the Silicon Valley Reads Study Guide!

Not a Genuine Black Man: The Film

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